Ally Willis is a dreamer and a self-taught designer.  her passion is to create—whether it's drawing, refinishing furniture, or thoughtfully decorating a space.

the daughter of a minister, her family moved around quite a bit growing up.   this has given her lots of stories and instilled in her a deep appreciation for the south and a love for home.  as a little girl, she kept a notebook of pictures clipped from home + garden magazines.  in college, instead of taking notes in class, she sketched floor plans and daydreamed about baby names.  for six years, Ally worked as a nanny—her favorite job to date.  following her time as a nanny, she worked for a contractor assisting with design + selections and learning the ins and outs of construction.  these days, Ally stays at home, creates, and gets to be nanny to her own babies.

in 2013, she married her husband, Drew, a devastatingly handsome musician turned accountant turned rockstar dad.  they began their life together in a tiny white house.  three years later with a baby on the way, they lost their little house in a flood.  later that same year, they purchased the home of their dreams—a story-and-a-half, colonial + acadian fixer-upper.

Ally also enjoys reading, writing, cooking, riding bicycles—leisurely, not in a cycling kind of way, dancing, and spending time with family.  she loves a good murder mystery and is an avid watcher of Dateline.  she loves to set the table and share a meal with her family.  nothing satisfies her more than finding a treasure for her home.  her ideal Saturday morning is spent scouring yard sales and secondhand stores.

if she could afford it, she would eat Mexican food every day of the week.  occasionally, Ally likes to travel; but ultimately, she is a homebody and would rather just stay home.  she's not a fan of numbers or being told what to do.  unsurprisingly, this has gotten her into a pickle a time or two.

Ally lives in a small town in Louisiana with her husband, Drew, and their two boys, Greyson + Rhett, and dreams of someday writing a book.