the beginning.

well, after a looot [like a few years worth] of thinking and talking and praying about it, I finally decided to start a blog. it seems like a simple thing to do; but for some reason, for me, it seems terrifying. [because sometimes I’m a perfectionist so I wanted to do it totally right.] besides the whole not having a clue where to begin—which is the main reason for my delay, I’ve been afraid to put my words + thoughts out there. but I decided to bite the bullet and do it. and I’m so glad I did!

like I said, I know little about the blogging world. but I suppose this blog falls into the category of lifestyle blogs. this will be a place for fun(ny) stories + everyday adventures, photography [I use that term very loosely as I dabble in it], diy ideas + how-to’s—whether it’s a fun activity for kids or a furniture redo/something around the house, and the occasional recipe.

I’m excited to share a part of my little world with, y’all. hope you enjoy!