gracie | senior session

there are so many things I love about creating and working with my hands. photography is one of those things. I must admit, though, I am a rookie. and I am okay with this. and while I'm being completely candid, I prefer to photograph still life. I enjoy capturing photos of my family and friends and pets and the children I nanny; but I prefer to shoot things that are still, that I don't have to coach, that I can arrange just so and step back and not worry about them moving. I have much respect for photographers that photograph actual human beings. I think it's honorable and challenging, and I am so glad there are people who choose this aspect of photography. I just can't handle that pressure. that, and I don't feel as though it is my calling.

but sometimes, there are exceptions to this "rule" of mine. usually these exceptions are family members or people I've birthed. sometimes it's close friends or even acquaintances.

one of my favorite exceptions to the rule and human beings in general is my younger sister. she is incredible. she's an artist. she can sing. she's athletic. she is kind and tender-hearted. she can dance. she's hilarious. she is genuine. she is brilliant. she's weird. she is beautiful. she's brave. she's so many things. so many good things. 

Gracie graduated from high school in May and I had the honor of taking her senior portraits. we had so much fun capturing these photos. some were taken in my parents' yard, some on the football field of her high school. a few were taken in front of a blue brick wall that caught her eye. some were taken in our favorite antique + thrift store, some in her favorite diner + place to get ice cream. the best part about our "shoot" is how much fun we had doing it. the other best part is that this is so her. if you know my sister, you know this is right up her alley.

but enough with the commentary! meet Gracie, my sweet baby sister who is full of life and just so much fun.