tuesday tips: my bathroom must-haves

It's time for another edition of Tuesday Tips!  today I am sharing my bathroom must-haves.  these are simple ideas, but they have the potential to give your bathroom a little something extra.

apothecary jar

apothecary jars have been a staple in my bathroom since I got married.  they double as storage that is visually pleasing, as well as decor.  in the original tiny white house, in our single bathroom, we had a small pedestal sink [read: no counter space] and almost no storage, except for a little open cabinet.  I kept wash cloths + toilet paper in baskets inside the cabinet.  on top of it on a mirrored tray, I kept a jar full of cotton balls.  it looked pretty and it was practical.  if you're not one for cotton balls, you can store whatever it is you do like... bars of soap, q-tips, sponges, bath salts—you name it.


basket for towels

whether your bathroom has a linen closet or not, filling a basket with towels is a great idea.  it's nice for easy access to towels and creates storage if you don't have a linen closet or cabinet in which to store them.  maybe you do have somewhere to store towels and maybe not all your towels are "pretty."  that's okay and real life.  consider investing in a few nicer, decorative towels and having them displayed in a basket or on an open shelf.  this could also be helpful to guests!  having towels in plain sight may keep them from having to rummage through your cabinets + closets in search of one.


pretty soap

this is a little trick I shared as my last Tuesday Tip.  pretty soap dispensers and bars of soap can make a world of difference!  whether it's a plastic or glass dispenser or a bar, you can find aesthetically pleasing soap at stores like TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning.  and they don't cost much!  another plus: when it's empty, you can save the bottle + refill it with the soap fragrance of your choice.


this is another item you'll find in my bathrooms, as well as scattered throughout my home + decor.  these can serve many purposes, both decorative and practical.  whether it's acting as a base for a vignette or corralling all your toiletries into one space, trays are good for just about anything.  they create interest, add texture, and help keep things organized.

white towels

I keep white towels in both our master bath and upstairs bath.  there are so many benefits to white towels!  not only do they look bright + clean, but they can also be bleached if necessary.  in addition to this, they create a spa-like feeling in a bathroom.  stores like TJ Maxx and Home Goods have inexpensive, quality towels.

And that's today's Tuesday Tip.  what do you think?  what are your bathroom must-haves?