a simple tablescape.

for the Fourth of July, I threw a few red, white, and blue things on the table. we weren't hosting any parties or even home that day, but I wanted to do something. it wasn't anything fancy, but I liked it!

the next week, everything got pushed around and my patriotic tablescape disappeared. you see, sometimes [read: a lot of the time] our table acts as a catchall. after I cleared the thing off, I was ready for something different. a little more formal, yet very simple. I had a picture in my mind of exactly what I wanted, so I set out to make it happen. we all know less is more and that phrase perfectly sums up what I had envisioned. here's the finished product:

I spread a strip of burlap across the table to use as my table runner. then I carefully placed some of my white dishes to make four place settings. after racking my brain for a centerpiece idea, I decided to use an old tool box that belonged to Drew's grandfather and fill it with white hydrangeas [my favorite]. I'm not sure if this is against "design rules," but you should know my flowers are fake. I adore fresh flowers just a much as the next girl, but I prefer to use fake when decorating because 1) they last longer and 2) they can be used over + over again in so many different ways.

after arranging the flowers just so, I went out to my front porch and snipped some pieces of boxwood. I rolled + fluffed a white cloth napkin through a silver napkin ring and tucked a boxwood snippet into the ring. I did this four times and set one at each place setting, then finished setting the table.

one of my favorite features of this tablescape is the silverware. instead of using our regular, matching silverware, I used antique [and some real!] silver I happened upon one day while antiquing with friends. the best part: it's mismatched! I didn't buy one complete set, but several different brands + designs of silverware. collecting antique silver is one of my new hobbies, as well as polishing silver. I know, kind of weird. but it's both relaxing and rewarding! you can see the results right before your eyes.

as for my drinkware, I decided to go for a simple + southern look. so naturally, mason jars were my glass of choice.

and there ya have it! my simple, almost effortless tablescape. what do you think?

the goodwill chair makeover.

One of my very favorite stores is the Goodwill. I can always find a treasure there, whether it's a worn antique couch [one of my best finds to date] or a chipped cake stand. treasure hunting—it's one of my favorites hobbies.

my sister moved cities last year after graduating from receiving her Masters [she's a go-getter, clearly] and started her first big girl job as a special education teacher. she needed a chair for the desk in her bedroom, so I kept my eyes peeled. after a few months, I came across this beauty at our Goodwill for just $9.99!

I loved the French cane backing and that's pretty much what did it for me. it needed a little paint + good reupholstering, but that wouldn't take much. so I bought it, brought it home, and immediately let it sit in my garage for about nine months. as you can see, I could take a few lessons from my go-getter sister.

This past weekend, I figured it was a good time to sand it down and get to work. I don't have photos of the painting or reupholstery process because 1) I just didn't take any and 2) it's really a simple process. anyone can do it. and I just used regular ol' latex paint because I don't mind sanding.

The "fabric" I used is just a canvas drop cloth you can find at Home Depot. we used these for our wedding reception as tablecloths and they've been used since as curtains, ottoman covers, and now this. I used a staple gun to recover the seat. since this was my first "reupholstery" project, my craft veteran mom helped because the corners are a little tricky.

I did a light sanding, used about three coats of paint, lightly distressed it, and here's what it looked like when I finished… 

I'm really pleased with it. it's simple, but classic. and I wish it was mine.

But to sister's house it goes!